Multiple Intelligence

This report lists out one’s areas of excellence among the different intelligence aspects and identifies talent and areas of potential.

Not everyone is intelligent in the same way. One could have a natural affinity for languages, and another could be especially gifted in music. This demonstrates the Multiple Intelligences theory, a theory first proposed by Howard Gardner. The 8 types of intelligences are:

Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Interpersonal Intelligence is the ability to organize people and to communicate clearly what needs to be done, to use empathy to help others and to solve problems, and to influence and inspire others to work towards a common goal.

Logical Intelligence reflects one’s ability to use, appreciate and analyse abstract, scientific, and mathematical relationships.

Visual / Spatial Intelligence is the ability to deal with space and distance.
Musical / Rhythmic Intelligence is the capacity to recognise elements of music.
Intrapersonal Intelligence is the ability to assess one’s own strengths, weaknesses, talents and interests. It is an ability to use them to set goals and to understand how oneself can be helpful to others. To form and develop concepts / theories based on an examination of oneself and to reflect on one’s inner self to express one’s own opinions and ideas.
Naturalist Intelligence is the ability to discriminate among living things. (Various plants & animals)
Bodily / Kinesthetic Intelligence is the capacity to make use of your body parts and body language in your daily life.
Verbal / Linguistic Intelligence allows individuals to use language to communicate and understand the world.
Every child is unique and possesses different intelligences. Where one may be weak at, could be another’s strength. Identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas today, and work towards developing their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses tomorrow.

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