Learning Style Report & Methodology Strategy

This report provides insights to one’s preferred style of learning and tendencies in emotion and thinking pattern, as well as speed of learning and pressure endurance level.

These insights will help you identify suitable methodology towards educating and inculcation, knowing the most preferred style of learning as well as the emotions that come with it. In addition, the insights to one’s speed of learning also allows you to identify the most effective method of teaching while making the overall learning experience as enriching as possible. Lastly, with the knowledge of the individual’s pressure endurance level, you will be able to develop the most effective communication approach to avoid negative repercussions while working towards effective education and grooming.

Learning Style - VAK

Ever wondered why some children in a group retain more information than others although every child is taught in the same way? This could be attributed to one’s learning style. If a group of children are all taught using flashcards, the visual learners would find it easier to organize the information and would thus learn more efficiently. The different learners learn differently, and use different tools to organize information.

Visual Learners

Learn the best when they can see the information in front of them. For example, if the information was drawn as a mindmap, or when flashcards are used.



Audio Learners

Learn the best when they hear the information. For example, when they recite the information out loud, or when they make up a melody to remember the information.



Kinesthetic learners

Learn the best through hands on activities. For example, when they get to carry out experiments, or get to move around while learning. A good exercise during breaks can help too.



In one’s learning journey, it is vital to know what type of learner one is. As the saying goes, “Work smart, not hard.” When one knows their preferred learning style, they can take simple steps to a happier learning journey, with learning methods that suit them specifically.

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