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Inborn Potential Comprehensive Analysis

Inborn Potential Comprehensive Analysis Report does not only help your child but helps you as well. Instead of having to guess and check throughout your child’s growing years, our Comprehensive Potential Analysis Report can help you immediately zoom in on your child’s weaknesses and strengths, even providing you with an insight on your child’s learning style so that you can better nurture them to become exceptional individuals. This way, the analysis can save you a lot of trouble and wasted time that you can instead be using to build on your child’s inborn characteristics, and to know which way to best discipline and teach them. This analysis essentially provides the knowledge of how your child is wired, so that you can tailor your parenting methods to best suit them. Every child is different, and what works for some may not work for others. With the analysis, parents can learn how best to raise their unique, potential-filled children

What you will see in the Comprehensive Potential Analysis Report

Identify one’s inborn character with a breakdown of 10+ unique personality traits and its proportion
List out one’s natural areas of talent and shortfalls along with its relative proportion to the masses
Determine the natural scoring of each brain part function to identify inborn areas of talent and potential
Determine one’s innate speed of learning and ability to absorb new content
Identify one’s preferred style of learning and tendencies in emotion and thinking pattern
Determine the natural scoring of one’s ability to handle pressure and breaking point
Determine one’s left and right brain proportion and identify his/her inborn behavioral inclinations and tendencies
Determine one’s emotional, intelligence, adversity, and creativity quotient as well as its relative proportion
Identify one’s inborn primary and secondary DISC personality type as well as its compatibility with peers of different personality profiles
Identify one’s natural behavioral inclinations and preferences as a leader and as a team player
List out one’s areas of excellence among the different intelligence aspects and identify talent and areas of potential
List out one’s most ideal career options based on the above analysis

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