Image illustrating Inborn Potential Analysis and the creation of Personal Development Strategies for personal growth

Inborn Potential Analysis and Personal Development Strategy

Our Inborn Potential Analysis report guides parents in deciding which enrichment classes to send their child to, and even which preschool or primary school would best suit their child.

The report holds insights to a child’s:

  • Inborn strengths and weaknesses
  • Preferred learning style
  • Pressure endurance level
  • Learning speed

With this information, parents can deduce the type of learning environment their child needs to excel. Every school offers a different learning environment, and knowing the learning environment their child can learn the best in will be vital for their personal development strategy. Parents will also be able to send their child to targeted enrichment classes to develop their child’s strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. This report is an affordable tool that is a must-have for every parent.

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