Science behind Dermatoglyphics

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Fingerprints have been established as the “bar code” that identifies each individual in the human species. Why are fingerprints so unique and irreplaceable? What is the secret behind these peculiar markings?

We have knows for more than 2,000 years that the patterns forming fingerprints are unique to each individual, although we have only being studying the reason why for 2 centuries. In this report we review some of the things that your fingerprints say about you from fascinating scientific perspectives.

A Bar Code With More Than 2000 Years Of History

Fingerprints are the patterns or markings on fingertips, although they also exist on the palms of hands (palmatograms) and on the soles of feet (pelmatograms).

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Image illustrating the historical significance of Fingerprints, Dermatoglyphics, and Palm Reading as an ancient 'bar code

The skin is one of the largest organs in the body and genetics (and its conditioning) is behind the formation of each of our organs so, thus far, it is not so far-fetched to think that your skin, and in particular the marks on your fingers can indeed reveal information about you. The surprising part arises when that information is not purely physical or biological but has to do with your intelligence and brain activity.


The Intriguing Link Between Fingerprints And Brain Development

Fingerprints are formed at the same time as the brain’s cortex, which controls emotions and cognitive abilities such as concentration, memorization, the ability to behave or manage problems etc., which is clearly related to psychology. In fact, in cases where some children are born without a brain (encephalitic), they do not have fingerprints either. This and other keys to the embryogenesis process (formation of a multi-cellular organism from a zygote) prove the connection between the brain and fingerprints.

Fingerprints are unique to every individual, but they are also immutable. They remain unchanged from the time they are formed until you die. Although they are determined by every individual’s genetic information, their development is influenced by physical factors such as the exact location of the fetus in the uterus and the density of the amniotic fluid, among other things. Even in identical twins or clones (with the same DNA), the fingerprints of two individuals cannot be the same.  However, there is the exceptional situation in which people are born without fingerprints. This condition is known as a dermatoglyphia.

Image illustrating the scientific connection between Palm Reading, Fingerprints, and Dermatoglyphics

Palm Reading Has A “Scientific” Background

In many cultures, tradition and Superstition have views the palm of your hand as “the open book” in which to read the designs that destiny has prepared for each individual. Although science has not been able to confirm its informative value in the future, there are theories that relate who you are today with what “can be read” in your fingerprints. The grooves on your fingertips could be the mirror of the innate talents that accompany you from before you were born.