Partner with Us

Partner with Us

At Brillianaire, we are always looking to expand our partnership base to serve our clients better!

As part of our Inborn Potential Analysis Program, we work with our partners to bring the best enrichment and tuition to our parents. Each child is unique and needs a different learning environment to be nurtured to excel. With a growing circle of partners, we are constantly looking to give our parents a better nurturing plan for their children, with the right enrichment and tuition selected for them.

Why partner with us?

As our partner, you will get to:

-Expand your customer base
When consulting with our parents, Brillianaire recommends our partners to them as options for their child’s enrichment. In doing so, we introduce more potential customers to your centre. This helps your centre expand your customer base.

-Enhance your students’ learning
Introduce Brillianaire’s services to your parents and help them uncover their children’s full potentials! When parents and teachers learn more about a student’s learning abilities and potentials, everyone can contribute to enhancing that student’s learning experience and journey.

– Stand out from the rest
With Brillianaire’s services, provide your parents with a new discovery tool and enhance your students’ learning. Stand out from the rest! Contact us to join us as a partner today!

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