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We believe in improving the lives of every individual through self-discovery and Leadership Styles.

Fingerprint Insights: Unlocking Potential and Leadership Styles through Dermatoglyphics

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprint, the lines and mounts on the palm, and the shape of the hands. It is distinct from the superficial palmistry and offers several aspects of a person’s personality, their strengths and weaknesses.

The Dermatoglyphics test offers several benefits such as a tool to enhance the learning experience by identifying the ideal learning styles for children, the building of a sense of value, and boosting confidence, among others.

What do we have to offer?

At Brillianaire, we offer Dermatoglyphics services for your benefit! We believe in improving the lives of every individual through self-discovery. We believe that with the help of this analysis, we can enhance talent, intelligence, as well as develop character and endurance, which paves the way to a better future.


Our team of experts at Brillianaire work together as a team to ensure that we fulfil all your needs. Our services include:

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Our Mission

To guide individuals from all walks of life in their respective journeys, be it one of self-development or learning, by discovering their inner blueprints and supporting them in taking the steps towards the best version of themselves.

Inborn Learning Speed

• Determine one’s innate speed of learning and ability to absorb new content Innate Learning Style & Thinking Pattern
• Identify one’s preferred style of learning and tendencies in emotion and thinking pattern
• Pressure Endurance Style
• Determine the natural scoring of one’s ability to handle pressure and breaking point

Inborn DISC Personality Trait

• Identify one’s inborn primary and secondary DISC personality type as well as its compatibility with peers of different personality profiles
• Leadership & Team Cooperation Style
• Identify one’s natural behavioral inclinations and preferences as a leader and as a team player

Inborn Character Profiling Analysis

• Identify one’s inborn character with a breakdown of 10+ unique personality traits and its proportion
• Inborn Strengths & Weaknesses
• List out one’s natural areas of talent and shortfalls along with its relative proportion to the masses

Multiple Intelligence & Talent Analysis

List out one’s areas of excellence among the different intelligence aspects and identify talent and areas of potential

Brain Dominance Analysis

Determine one’s left and right brain proportion and identify his/her inborn behavioral inclinations and tendencies

Multiple Quotient Analysis

Determine one’s emotional, intelligence, adversity, and creativity quotient as well as its relative proportion

Analysis of Each Brain Part Function

Determine the natural scoring of each brain part function to identify inborn areas of talent and potential

Career Options Breakdown

List out one’s most ideal career options based on the above

Our services are further divided into different demographics that include

We believe that every child is different from the other, and each child is born with a set of skills that need to be identified and nurtured. Nurturing starts at an early age, and many parents fail to identify their child’s endurance level. That’s where we come in! With our dermatoglyphics analysis for children, we can help develop a teaching style and speed that suits and benefits the child in learning.

Our services do not just stop at the learning stage. We understand the need to develop a career path in this fast-changing world. With dermatoglyphics analysis for teens and adults, we offer knowledge management, learning style, as well as personal and social skills that will help them in developing multiple intelligence required to find success in this fast-paced world.

The need to find the right candidate for the right job becomes essential, especially when the market is competitive. The corporate dermatoglyphics analysis that includes character analysis, analysis of teamwork and leadership style, and the candidate’s working attributes, is a helpful tool to hire a candidate with the right traits.
At Brillianaire, our services tend to all your needs to ensure that from birth to developing a career path, and finding success, you find every support that you need through self-discovery!