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We believe in improving the lives of every individual through self-discovery.

Dermatoglyphic is the scientific study of fingerprints, the lines and mounts on the palm, and the shape of the hands. It is distinct from the superficial palmistry and offers several aspects of a person’s personality, their strengths and weaknesses.

The Dermatoglyphic test offers several benefits such as a tool to enhance the learning experience by identifying the ideal learning styles for children, the building of a sense of value, and boosting confidence, among others.

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With a Comprehensive Potential Analysis Report, you are able to be certain...

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Client Said


Given my Gal’s personality is an Introvert, I wasn’t sure if Brillianaire test will be good for me to have a better understanding on my Gal.

Giving it a shot, Ovidia has given me the insights of how I should give her the space she wants and having a better communication with her has brought our bonds nearer..

Definitely benefited from this program.. 👍🏾

Seng Tiong

Brillianaire’s dermatoglyphics report has impacted my life in so many ways; the report has indeed made me understand myself so much more than I thought I ever could. As a young business owner who is new to this entrepreneurial journey, the report helped me understand my leadership, communication, and working style as I work on cultivating good habits and behaviour based on these insights. As an individual, the report has also made me understand my emotional self better and has tremendously impact in my mood and stress level. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by how much this report has helped me with the different facets of my life. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to truly understand themselves and work towards becoming an even better individual.

Grace Neo

Through the analysis, I learned about career options that are personalised to me, which proves highly beneficial especially as a fresh graduate looking for opportunities. All in all, the dermatoglyphics analysis report was really eye-opening and helped me to learn tremendously about myself. The entire process was very delightful as well as the staff was really detailed and patient in explaining the entire report.

The comprehensive character profiling analysis done by Brillianaire has provided great insights into my personality traits, as well as my learning and behavioral style. It helped me to learn about my strengths and weaknesses, providing personal growth areas alongside techniques created specifically to improve my learning style.

Yvontz Tan

I used to be a director of a frozen food company for 12 years, However, I don’t feel fulfilled at all and has been searching for my meaning in life. At one point in time, I was even lost in direction and thankfully through the recommendation of my BFF. I met both founders of Brillianaire and learnt about Dermatoglyphics Analysis.

After doing the Comprehensive Report and going through the 1hr consultation. Finally, I realized what kind of person I thoroughly am. And exactly what field I am cut out to be in and it finally makes ore sense.

Appreciated the consultation with them on guiding me on how I can tap on this Edutech Tool to better move on with my life in a more fulfilling direction. And eventually, I took my first step out and started to embark on the journey that I have always wanted.

Thank you very much to Brillianaire! And I will join all of you to bring this amazing Edutech Tool to very individuals who need them as much as I do.

Esther Tan

My child did this. I thought it was some fly by night science. It’s bizarre how one’s fingerprints can describe you. To my surprise, the results are totally consistent with my daughter’s character. Try it to get to know your child better.


I am initially skeptical of the accuracy of dermatoglyphics tests but Brillianaire assessment of my inborn character traits was pretty spot on. I now have a better understanding of my capabilities and with their recommendations, are in a better position to enhance my quality of life. if only my parents could have done this for me when I was younger. I could have achieved so much more.

Thank you! Brillianaire.

Wanda Sum

Initially, I have no idea what is Dermatoglyphics or what use it can be. However, having done a test on this scientific study of fingerprints, I was totally amazed by its results and report.

In this report, I am able to further understand my inborn personality as to how I can further improve myself, be mindful in certain aspects. It gave me a better understanding of my own capabilities that I did not believe that I could ever deliver.  Also, it boost me confidence in learning, thinking that I am able to achieve even though as a mature adult.

Many thanks to Ovidia and staff of Brillianaire who did this analysis and

I wish them every success in this business venture.

Ms Susan

I’m happy with the zoom meet up with the consultant for the consultation.. through this consultantion , I have a better understanding of how to deal with my two kids in the different way of approaching my kid in future..And for myself, now I also know, what path should I look into for my next jobs to lookout and to take course for it.. is a really enjoyable session with the consultant.. will seek her advice again in near future again

Seng Tiong Business Owner

Brillianaire’s dermatoglyphics report has impacted my life in so many ways; the report has indeed made me understand myself so much more than I thought I ever could. As a young business owner who is new to this entrepreneurial journey, the report helped me understand my leadership, communication, and working style as I work on cultivating good habits and behaviour based on these insights. As an individual, the report has also made me understand my emotional self better and has tremendously impact in my mood and stress level. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by how much this report has helped me with the different facets of my life. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to truly understand themselves and work towards becoming an even better individual.

Nadhirah Senior Business Advisor & Project Coordinator

The Dermatoglyphics Analysis Report was definitely an eye-opener for me. It took me to a stage of self-realization of what my strengths, potential and areas to improve are. Knowing my potential and areas to improve is important to me, to help me scale as an individual and elevate myself, as well as how I communicate with others. It got me to realise my expectation on others and how I should slow down at times to interact/understand people around me better. This is something crucial in my work and coordinating different projects under me.

The experience with Brillianaire from the get-go was brilliant – as the company name says it all. The way the company approached the subject of what Dermatoglyphic is, how it’s important to know your inborn traits and strengths to cultivate yourself better was very interesting. Knowing that the report came from just the scanning and analysis of my fingerprints was simply mind blowing! The physical report itself came in a professional neat hardcover book, which I will keep for life. Explanation of the analysis was done really well to pinpoint key areas of my strengths, the type of person I am when put in certain scenarios (work, relationships) and best way to approach it now knowing how I am as an individual, colleague, wife and daughter.

I believe more people should have the analysis done for self-realization and cultivating their inner traits as well as knowing their potential to elevate themselves to greater heights.

Falicia Ong April 21

The in-depth report has provided further insights into my characteristics and communication styles. The process of taking the fingerprints to the face-to-face consultation has been extremely pleasant and smooth.

As a young adult that has just entered the workforce, the affirmation of my strengths and weakness gave me a better clarity of my learning and leadership styles which are exceedingly beneficial when selecting a career that is the best fit for me to excel in.

April Ang March 2021

The report gives me a glimpse of the life of my children. It is like a “crystal ball” which provides objective details that help us in guiding our children and bringing out their best, but minusing the burden of knowing “too much” in fortune telling. It gives us info like learning style/temperament/in born talent/strength of each child. The report acts like a reference check for parent : are we developing the child/moving in the right direction? Should we pursue learning for the child in this area or should we let go? On top of that, it helps us in discipling or motivating our child, as we come up with effective method to match their temperament. As the child matures, the report also help the parent in guiding the child towards the course which they have a good chance of flourishing in and ultimately career guidance. Many a times, though we see our child everyday, we may not know 100% of how they really feel and their strength and talent too. It is worth investing in such report to minimise “mistakes” we may make along the way. Afterall, we do not want to raise an unhappy child and also come to realise it only much later!

See Kia March 21

Hi! My name is See Kia. I am a typical secondary 4 student who wasn’t sure of the education pathway I should take when i graduate. I was given a chance to get my report done by Brillianaire. By doing the report, i can find out what my strengths and weaknesses are and come to a conclusion on what i am going to take in the future. I was really excited to receive my report as i wanted to learn more about myself. When i went through the report for the first time, i was actually really amazed as the characteristics listed, matches my personality perfectly! After going through the report, i now have a clearer view of which path I will head towards in the future. This was a really great experience and i really enjoyed it.

Aida Aug 12

Video Testimonial by Teacher Aida. Sharing how BDA – Brillianaire Dermatoglyphics Analysis has helped her better understand her sons.

Freddy Wee Mar 12

My son, Martell resided in Thailand, separately from me since he was 1 month old. I visited him occasionally every year. Martell immigrated to Singapore in 2016 when he was 5.5 years old. Our reunion and the beginning of my “new: and active fathering role were exciting and yet challenging and filled with anxieties. With my limited parenting experience and understand of Martell, I was juggling to connect and bond the shortest time possible at the same time, in parenting him the best way possible. In attempts of guessing and trial and error, they resulted in positive and happy outcomes and of course, several conflicting and unnecessary ones, of which, could have been avoided.
Brillianaire – Dermatoglyphics Comprehensive Report validated my observations of Martell and also, the effectiveness of my parenting approaches with him. Knowing especially his stress tolerance level has given me the affirmation and confidence in guiding and supporting Martell mindfully, so as not to cause future emotion and self-esteem damage in him.

Ms Joy Lo Principal

I am a preschool teacher from Gem. My three kindergartens use dermatoglyphics (skin texture detection) as an important reference tool for educational management. It not only enhances the efficiency and quality of teaching in our school but also plays a pivotal role in the school management. We do a dermatoglyphics test for each newly enrolled child when they first register, so we have gathered all aspects of the child’s personality before they even set foot on our school! From their physiological characteristics – physical strength, speed, and to the development of the brain area, we know every new student well without wasting precious time on exploration.

In terms of intelligent learning: For children who love to draw, we start by having them to draw in order to attract them to learn. For children who are more enthusiastic to learn by hearing, we use sound to accompany them to achieve the best learning results. If the child’s mathematical intelligence is weak, we will guide it in simpler logical way. For children with weaker memories, we develop their long-term memory in a variety of ways that are suitable for children!

In fact, the most important and important thing is: How can I find out the strengths and weaknesses of the children between 0-6 years old, which can help me to enhance their strengths and build up their weaker intelligence. The answer is dermatoglyphics, a human manual. When we apply this in the field of education, the teachers and parents no longer have to blindly shoot in the dark, but effectively provide help to parents and teachers to teach in line with the student’s ability!

With such a great reference tool, it will enable parents who are concerned about their children’s education, not to miss out on their full talent and moral education. Let the teachers in all pre-schools and kindergartens reach the ideal situation of bringing out the best of the child’s potential / gifts and talents! In character education, skin texture detection, like a manual, guides the educators on how to communicate better with children, and the best way for the child to learn. Only by ethical teaching can we achieve a win-win situation!

Then, in terms of school management, I also benefited a lot, especially in the distribution of teachers’ duties and the right to be competent. In order to truly make the best use of talents, so that the teacher’s traits are not buried! Let the teacher be a happy human soul engineer.

Violet Khoo – Mum of Val & Cal Jul 21

I am glad that I was introduced to Brillanaire.  Before I came across such an analysis, I was having some struggles and challenges handling my elder daughter, who was 12 years old then. She is obedient, but gets emotional and irritated by her surroundings easily. As I’m quick tempered, I will get affected when she has such reactions. I will then start my nagging and/or scolding when it gets so bad to the point where I cannot understand why there is a need for her to behave that way. 

After a session with the Founder of Brillanaire, Ovidia, she went through and explained my girls’ comprehensive reports to me, and I could then better comprehend why my daughter behaves in such ways and her strengths and weaknesses. From that day on, I am learning to change my approach when communicating with my elder girl. As it is not easy at the beginning,  I will have to keep setting self reminders to manage myself as I know, for things to change, I need to start first.  

The responses/reactions have been positive thus far. As for my younger daughter, who is in Primary 4, her report shows that she can perform even better with goals. I sat her down to set the year’s goals together and I was impressed that she took it with pride and drew out the goals’ plan herself and pasted it on the wall to remind herself.  She even told her tutor her goals and ask for assistance to help her achieve it together.  I am so happy with her acts.   Presently for me,  parenthood is so much easier.  Looking forward to more positive changes.


Jamie Pang Apr 21 2020

Brillianaire Dermatoglyphics Analysis (BDA) is food for thoughts. It confirms some of my observations of my kids while also provides new insights which I would not have considered. Another useful guide which parents can use to shape our engagement with our kids in their development journey.

Katherine Lim Apr 26

It is amazing to know a person’s fingerprints are formed while they are fetuses in their mother’s wombs (usually in the 17th week of pregnancy) These prints are set in stone before we even come out into the world.   Therefore, I am shocked that it can read and advise me on a balanced diet: less salt, less sugar, less oil.  (I am a fan of food , especially sugary and fatty foods  )  Well it is ME!!

After doing a dermatoglyphics analysis, I discovered that I had intrapersonal & self-management potential.  This means that I enjoy group activities, value the feelings of others and self, am good with verbal expression and I am good with communication.

If I had known & developed my skills from a young age, maybe I would be working in a different environment. e.g.. Hospitality industry 

Nevertheless, I did put this skill (without my knowledge) in good use. I am now volunteering as a grassroots member and really enjoy meeting, talking and helping people.

Now that I have done the dermatoglyphics analysis for my daughter, I know where her potential lies and I have a guide to nurturing her in order to allow her to become the best version of herself in future. With this analysis, she would not miss out on the opportunity to nurture her potential as I did, and hopefully she will become even more successful than me in the future.

Rayson Loo Apr 21 2020

I feel that the report is very accurate. after doing the report, I know what type of person I am and how I should better improve myself by working on my weaknesses. I definitely recommend others to do the report for themselves and especially for their young children. that way, you will know your child’s strength and weaknesses and focus on one of it to secure a better future for them.

Mr & Mrs Tan

Brillianaire-Dermatoglyphics is simply brilliant !
Like all parents, we only want the best for our children. However, the definition of what is the “best”, is the very subjective term and more often than not, what we think is the best for them, may not be it because every child is different.
We have been having difficulties managing and the behavior and temperaments of our 3 year old son and we even sought professional help after receiving numerous complaints from his school. We were then introduced to dermatoglyphics (or simply, the analysis of fingerprints) at a roadshow. We were skeptical at first, as this was something new to us, but Ovidia and Irene took time to explain and share their own personal experiences with us. We also did further research on our own after the initial meet-up.
Now, with this full and very detailed analysis, we have a better understanding of our son and are more confident equipped to guide him in his areas of strength and lift him up in his areas of weakness.
We would like to especially thank Ovidia and Irene for introducing this concept of dermatoglyphics to us. We have never known that a simple fingerprints analysis would reveal so much ‘insights’ into a person’s the character and personality.

Parent of Olivia Dec 21 2018

I like to thank Ovidia of Brillianaire for the fingerprint Analysis report  for me and my  daughter, Olivia. 

This report allow me to understand myself as well as my daughter better regard to our own unique talents, learning style and the career choices that’s suitable for us.

Thank you once again.🙏🏻

Mignon Low Apr 9

Dermatoglyphics analysis has really helped in my nurturing. Ever since young, time and time again I had proven to be bad at Mathematics. Having the analysis report, my mother then knew the type of learner I was, what other areas I would be weak in, and where my strengths lie. Armed with these information, she was able to nurture and develop me into the person I am today.

Personally, it has helped me a ton as well knowing what I am good at and what careers suit my personality, has really helped me in my search of what to pursue. Now that I am choosing my subject combination, I am determined to use this analysis to help in my consideration and to use it as a career guidance in the future.

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